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Framework paper V 2  (March 2014) available now

Draft full chapter public review is now underway

DAMA International, the sponsors of "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge” (DAMA-DMBOK Guide), is now well underway with the “DMBOK2” project.


  1. Knowledge Areas are now referred to as Functional Areas , each has a chapter dedicated to it as in the first edition, some Areas have Sections to cover increased detail
  2. The data model Context Diagram has changed, adding more details
  3. Topics may also have changed locations (e.g. Ethics has moved from Professional Development to Data Governance) and new topics have been added (e.g. data in a cloud).
  4. “Data Integration and Interoperability”  is a new Knowledge Area in order to highlight its emerging importance in the field
  5. “Documents and Content” has changed locations in the context diagram to before the activities that involve integration, to highlight its increasing importance as part of the scope of data to integrate, analyze and interoperate.
  6. Data Governance is positioned as a unifying theory for all Data Management.  In addition to Data Governance special position in the DAMA-DMBOK as this overarching topic, Data Governance is also a Section at end of each chapter describing particular Data Governance activities and data governance Environmental Aspects for that Knowledge Area.


FRAMEWORK paper is a short synopsis and outline of the content for DMBOK2:

FRAMEWORK COMMENT DRAFT – APRIL 30th 2012 Comment period closed

FRAMEWORK FINAL DRAFT – March 2014 edition of the Framework paper now available. It has been updated to match the current work on the full book

DMBOK2 – the book

DMBOK2 FULL DRAFT CHAPTERS OPEN REVIEW PERIOD – Starting Q2 2014.  The order of review is based on the draft ‘readiness’ – they will not come out in any predetermined order. If you sign up for a review, you will be notified when your chice chapters become open for review.

PUBLIC REVIEW STATUS ON CHAPTERS  as of August 8 2014 (please sign up at

  • Data Modeling and Design – CLOSED/COMPLETED
  • Data Storage and Operations – CLOSED/COMPLETED
  • Data Security – OPEN/ACTIVE

FULL PUBLICATION of the DMBOK2 will be in 2015.

Any schedule delays are due to the overall volunteer nature of our work!

please email for your copy of the DMBOK2 Framework (V2 March 2014)